Australia, Perth

Time to say goodbye to AllPetSitters

We would like to say big thank you to AllPetSitters organization for an effecitve and fast matching us together, and to you – our hosts.

We lived in Perth for 6 month and during that time we live in at least 10 houses. It was good experience and great adventure for us.

Thank you for your help annd possibility to be part of your house for that short time. You gave us much more you think. We have learnt how to deal with different, sometimes difficult for us, situations. We love all your dogs which were so different with so different habits, moods and characters.

Trying to makes you tired:


Giving you a lot of rest:

Treating you as a princess:


Pretending that you really are a cat:


Keeping you away from temptation of strange food:


Persuading you that bath is good:


We are moving to Melbourne, then to Sydney, traveling around with open plan. If you or your friends will need our help please let us know and we will try to do our best.

See you next time!

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